Stephanie Barrera

As the daughter of immigrants, Stephanie’s passion for immigration law began at an early age. Stephanie’s zeal continued to grow while working in a disability rights firm, where she observed countless people unable to effectively fight for their rights, especially those that did not have status in the U.S. She had the fortune of working at Western State College of Law’s Immigration Clinic as a certified law clerk, where Stephanie was able to utilize a client-centered approach to legal counseling for individuals experiencing severe trauma.  She successfully represented an asylum seeker before the immigration court and was part of a team of students representing a client before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She also worked as the Deportation Defense Field Coordinator for Orange County Justice Fund, where she served as a point of contact for detained individuals facing deportation. She graduated cum laude, and went on to pass the bar exam and join CARECEN as a staff attorney.

Outside of the office, Stephanie enjoys hikes with friends and family, devouring pizza, and watching reruns of The Office.

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