Coronavirus lawsuit

Conditions for immigrant detainees in Adelanto ‘ideal’ for disease ACLU files lawsuit on behalf of six detainees with underlying medical problems.

Cooperation with ICE

Forum to discuss Orange County Sheriff’s cooperation with ICE (CHANGE)

Working with Young Leaders

High school student’s nonprofit seeks social justice reforms. Orange County Justice Project has chapters on eight campuses in Irvine, Tustin and Fullerton.

Fundraising Efforts

Comedian Sandra De And uses online stand-up shows to raise money for local charities. Sandra De Anda is an activist, resident, and comedian in Santa Ana who recently raised $1,000 for Orange County Rapid Response Network.

Terrorization by ICE

“My husband’s fingers have become numb, feeling no sensation in his fingertips and even after asking for medical treatment for two straight weeks in Adelanto, he has yet to receive it.”

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